The new challenges facing UK advisers
Tenet’s chief executive Mark Scanlon joined other key figures at PA360 North earlier this week to discuss what future challengers UK advisers face and how these can be best overcome.
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Want to be your own boss?
Making the move to become self-employed is an attractive concept, but it's also a big step. That's why we've created a guide on becoming your own boss, arming you with all the facts to help steer you in the right direction.
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Why join a mortgage advice network?
If you’re in the mortgage advice industry, chances are you will have thought at some stage about becoming part of a mortgage network. To help you better understand these benefits, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider joining a mortgage adviser network.
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Tenet Compliance Services Reacts to the FCA’s Consumer Duty Announcement
Key figures in the financial services industry, including Tenet Compliance Services MD Warren Vickers, have been reacting to the FCA's Consumer Duty announcement.
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Why Join An IFA Network
Should I join an IFA network? It’s a question almost every financial adviser will ask during their career. Here are some of the top reasons Tenet members have given for joining our network.
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Gap Analysis: First Steps for Consumer Duty Success
In our second webinar on the Consumer Duty, we explore the practicalities of performing a gap analysis and the key areas you should be focusing on.
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What Will The New Consumer Duty Mean For Advisers?
Chris McGreavey at Tenet Group looks at what the FCA's incoming Consumer Duty standards will mean for financial advisers and what they can do now to prepare.
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Tenet Shortlisted for Best Network at Money Marketing Awards
We’re incredibly proud to announce that Tenet Network Services has been shortlisted for the best network at the Money Marketing Awards 2022.
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Celebrating Women in Financial Advice
We recently celebrated the amazing news that 5 of our colleagues here at Tenet have been shortlisted in the 2022 PA Women in Financial Advice Awards. To celebrate this achievement, we are taking a moment to shine a very small spotlight on these incredible women.
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Technology Can Make Advice Simpler, Easier and More Efficient
Technology in financial advice has the ability to make things "simpler, quicker, easier and more accurate", believes Mark Scanlon, Tenet CEO.
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Tenet Compliance Services Joins Forces with Legal & General Mortgage Club to Boost Support for Advisers
Tenet Compliance Services (TCS) has strengthened its support for Directly Authorised advisers by partnering with Legal & General Mortgage Club, the UK’s largest and longest running mortgage club.
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Webinar: Consumer Duty - Practical Steps and Opportunities for Financial and Mortgage Advisers
Consumer Duty: Practical steps and opportunities for financial and mortgage advisers
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Tenet Welcomes New Regional Business Managers
We are pleased to announce that Julie Mulvanny and Rory Jackson have joined our Sales & Recruitment team as Regional Business Managers.
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How to Identify and Best Serve Vulnerable Clients
The important issue of financial vulnerability continues to be a hot topic, particularly in light of ongoing economic uncertainty and rising costs.
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Tenet hires Head of Learning and Development to boost support for adviser CPD 
Tenet Group, one of the UK’s leading financial adviser support networks, has appointed Anthony Sheard as Head of Learning and Development (L&D), further boosting its support for advisers continued professional development (CPD).
01.04.22 09:06 AM - Comment(s)
Webinar: How to Identify Financial Vulnerability in Clients
Nick Watson from Tenet, and Tim Farmer and Jonathan Barrett from Comentis, sit down for a fireside chat to get to grips with the key issues faced by advisers, the challenges around vulnerability and the new tech solutions shaking up the landscape.
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The Iron Triangle Compromise of File Checking
When it comes to file checking, the rules of the iron triangle apply here too. But if you have to pick only two out of three, which should you choose and where should you compromise? Let’s look at the risks and rewards…
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Tenet Event: Take your advice career to the next level 
There's a whole world of opportunities for financial and mortgage advisers out there. Join our free event and be confident in taking the next step in your career armed with all the facts.
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Tenet shortlisted for Best Network at the PA awards 2022
Tenet has been shortlisted at the Professional Adviser 2022 awards for Best Network. Tenet took home the title at last year's awards.
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Tenet Compliance Services shortlisted for Best Support Service for Advisers at the PA awards 2022
We're super proud to have TCS recognised by being been shortlisted for Best Support Provider at the PA awards 2022
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