30 Years and Counting!

By - Kane
05.12.22 03:00 PM

This year marks our 30th anniversary, and as the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the momentous changes Tenet as a company and all of us as individuals have seen during this time. Warning – this may make some of you feel old!

90’s Cool

A time of new government, music, and culture, the 90’s are looked back on as an exciting time, with Yorkshire and the UK as a whole seeing significant growth. Whilst our origin began in the 80’s, it was the launch of M&E Network in 1992 where Tenet’s story really begins.

From the first mobile phone and electric car to the rise of the internet, the 90’s were a time of advancement and change that would come to shape our future world. For UK financial advisers, the industry was beginning to show signs of the regulatory reform that would become the new norm – and driving the need for advisers to have access to more bespoke, expert guidance and support. Tenet answered this call, and by the end of the decade we had become the UK’s 3rd largest Independent Financial Network.

A New Millenia

The 2,000’s saw technology continue to advance, with smartphones hitting the mainstream in 2007 with Apple’s first iPhone. While this and the internet were beginning to change how we did business and lived our daily lives, recession, wars, and growing geopolitical tensions were also changing the world and how we saw it.

From our point of view, Tenet continued where it left off in the 90’s, organically growing and acquiring other businesses as we expanded our range of services – enabling us to now provide support to all advisers, regardless of their status or needs. Following a management buyout and the introduction of major new shareholders, Tenet also underwent a major rebranding to become Connect, Select, Lime – a move that would take us through the next two decades.  

The 2010’s

The new millennia’s teenage years began quietly, offering no indication as to what lay head. Notable moments for Tenet included Simon Hudson stepping down after almost 20 years at the helm, as well as our CPD programme achieving CII accreditation, implementation of the Retail Distribution Review, the return of the Tenet brand, and numerous industry awards, including Best Network in 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020, and  2021.

Then Covid appeared, and overnight every aspect of our lives changed, including of course how we worked. Despite such sudden upheaval, Tenet and its members remained strong, quickly making the switch to remote working thanks in no small part to our investment in iO and new Tenet Tech.

The next 30 years

The 2020’s have so far seen the UK lurch from one crisis to the next. Yet despite such change, Tenet remains secure, with good oversight and strong risk management giving us the foundation to also embrace changes in the market head on.


Throughout all of the above, we have retained our independence, rejecting the lure of the stock market to remain focused on what has made us so strong these past 30 years – providing first-class service to advisers across the entire UK.


Always striving to give unrivalled choice and expertise, we will continue to do everything we can to add value and income to your business and provide you with the professional and financial peace of mind you and your clients deserve.