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Coronavirus: Has it made us finally realise the value of our health?

By Paul Mills | 22 July 2020

SUMMARY: Paul Mills, Director at 4C Platform, looks at one of the possible upsides of the pandemic, in our latest guest blog.

When lockdown was first enforced upon the UK’s population, the one thing that struck me most, other than the crazy rush to the supermarkets and subsequent toilet roll shortage, was how people very quickly seemed to switch their attention away from their busy work life and on to their health. Almost before Boris Johnson had even finished making his announcement, people were looking for ways to fill the new-found slots of time that they now had in their lives that they did not have before. People of all ages very quickly started to use this time to start looking after themselves more. Independent grocers who no longer had any footfall found themselves offering click and collect services to deal with the waves of new customers searching them out for fresh produce. Millions of people subscribed to online workouts and PE lessons and took part with their kids (for the first few days at least). Some people took the time to relax and unwind in their gardens in order to improve their mental health and we were all forced to be more conscious of our surroundings, our hygiene, the surfaces we touched and contact we had with other people.

None of this was because people did not care about their health before, it was because nobody thought they had the time. We all live such busy lives with work, parenting and trying to keep some kind of social life that our health somehow gets overlooked and we use how busy we are as an excuse for it. Let us be honest, just the time most of us waste staring at a smartphone each evening is more than enough to fit in a run, swim, or some form of exercise. It shouldn’t have taken a global pandemic and the consequent lockdown for us to realise this, but if anything good has come from Covid-19 then I think it is how many people have now realised the value of their health and used the opportunity of lockdown to kick start some new habits.

What it also made people start to realise, if they did not already, was the fragility of our much-loved National Health Service. We were forced to have to really consider what life would be like if it were not there to cope with the pressures that we put on it and its heroic staff.

Usay Compare is the UK’s largest private health insurance Intermediary and since March we have witnessed a huge influx of enquiries compared to the same period last year. Lots of records have been broken for both incoming calls and online enquiries. Whilst some of these were people looking for advice on how PMI might help them if they caught Coronavirus, the vast majority were from people who had decided that if it was affordable, they would like to seek private treatment for anything not considered an emergency in the future, so that they did not add to the burdens on the NHS.

We offer all Tenet members a referral service, so if they have any clients who are interested in PMI that they do not want to advise themselves, then they can pass on their details via the online portal that has been created for them. Not only can they then be assured their clients will receive the very best advice and a comparison of the UK’s leading PMI providers, but if the client does take out a policy, they will receive a very generous commission.

Alternatively, we have also launched the 4C Platform which many Tenet members are already using and with great success. The 4C Platform enables them to advise, compare quotes and onboard policies electronically with confidence. The guided sales journey enables them to take the client through a compliant sales process, whilst also creating all the relevant paperwork for them. Once the client is ready to proceed, they just have to follow the simple steps to onboard them and then wait for their commission payment to arrive.

This year has been difficult for a whole multitude of reasons, but it has made people put a value on their health that perhaps has been overlooked previously. This gives advisers lots of new opportunities to help clients, whether it be through our referral system or the 4C Platform.

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Paul Mills is a Director at 4C Platform

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